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Every Sunday :  11:00 a.m. Mass
(Rosary prayed at 10:30)
Monthly: 1st Friday Noon Mass

Shrine of Saint Joseph Calendar
  — Month at a Glance

Friday July 4th
 Friday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
  Independence Day — Mass at Noon (with Cantor)

Sunday July 6th
 Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 13th
 Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  Board Meeting follows Mass — all are welcome.

Monday July 14 through Friday July 18th
 NPM (National Association of Pastoral Musicians)
  2014 Convention - includes daily Mass and other activities at the Shrine
   See NPM website for more detail

Sunday July 20th
 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday July 27th
 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

All Events — Shrine Calendar 2014
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Each statue, color and symbol within the Shrine’s walls teaches and inspires visitors. Take a tour and learn about the Shrine’s fascinating history and why the main altar is called "The Altar of Answered Prayers".

Tours are conducted after Mass every Sunday. Special tours for both large and small groups can be arranged by contacting the Shrine.

Virtual Tour:
Unable to see the Shrine in person? Click on Tour to take a virtual tour of this special Shrine.



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Established in 1843, this beautiful church has seen many changes. Read about the fascinating history of the church including the miracle in 1864 and the outbreak of cholera in 1866. You'll learn why this Shrine is so very special and why people come from the world over to see it.

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